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Woe to you,

Oh great and learned from the century of light!

You forerunners of freedom and fighters for the one.

The past-forgettors and empire-scathers,

Who look to the life where all will be free

To choose for the good, the best, the one the all.


Woe to you!

For you who, in liberal-post-modern-enlighten-state

Kill the God of love with yellow chicks and rabbits –

To resist the pull of sacrifice.

Who withdraw your innocents from the singing of songs,

Of light and goodwill;

Of prayers in the hope of a kingdom yet to come.


Why? You may ask – what woe have we brought?

Watch now, as you call your youngest to you

And lovingly draw on their fair cheek the scar of the corpse;

Pull over their head the mask of the serial killer;

Exult with them in the sickly green and black-twisted scare;

As you fend their questions –

“Mum, what is a vampire?”

“Dad, what does a werewolf do?”

“Are there really such things as ghosts?”



So enlightened. So free. So empty of all false-religion!

Do you hear the cash-register ring?

Do you swallow the campaign, the product-placement without so much as a whimper?halloween-boy

Is death and destruction all a bit of fun?

Yet this festival you keep.

This moment you mark.

The day of all that is light and the best we can be?

This you forget.

All Saints day ‘No!’



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