New Album Release!

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Greetings folks!

Well it’s been a little while since I’ve been able to put up a post on these pages but I haven’t been sleeping!

The mighty Fusion Orchestra 2 have been hard at work on our debut album – “Casting Shadows” which is released today!



The album features the current line up – Elsie Lovelock (vocals), Col Dawson (guitars), Ben Bell (keys), Shemeck ‘Shemski’ Fraczek (bass) and yours truly, Seex Dyer (drums). The 3 longer tracks represent the fruit of the bands songwriting partnership with Jo Holland who also sang with the band in a previous incarnation.

As Ben writes on the introduction – “Capturing the spirit of classic progressive rock it (the album) features epic, multi-part compositions with soaring vocals, complex musical interplay, and a dash of lunacy.”

This is my first professionally cut album and it’s been an interesting journey. casting-shadows-150x150casting-shadows-150x150casting-shadows-150x150

In terms of playing there was the need to balance a great and accurate take for each song, coupled with the need to make the recording sound live and fresh. A few of the discarded drum takes were perhaps more intrinsically sound but lacked that ‘certain something’ in terms of energy.

It’s a creative call, as it ever should be. We wanted to make sure that this album would represent a snap-shot of the band as we are – both live and in terms of our growing confidence in the studio. So in the end we went for the drum tracks that were the most exciting, fresh and energetic over others that were more….tired perhaps. Even if that left a few parts I’d like to revisit – with limitless time and money in hand!

Keeping the energy levels up in the recording session is definitely a learning point for me now and I will take that forward into future sessions.  How did we achieve that?

A bit elusive but here is my short list for next time:

  • Have fun!
  • Know the song inside and out
  • But still be prepared to improvise if it feels right
  • Take plenty of breaks
  • Have fun!
  • Work in pairs – do a couple and then listen back
  • Get a good sound in the cans – so you can play with confidence
  • Have fun!

Well that’s about all for now folks.

To purchase “Casting Shadows” click on this link


 casting-shadows-150x150  In the meantime I’ll be looking at putting some of the drum tracks onto video, plus the band are currently working on two potential singles – “Celestial Mardi Gras’ and ‘Song #5’ (no name yet!).

‘Til next time,


Seex (pic by Ben Bell)

Seex (pic by Ben Bell)

About Stuart Dyer

Stuart Dyer, Christian Writer and Musician living in West Sussex, England. Works in the hope of producing the worthy novel or solo; giggles at Oliver Hardy, Peter Sellers and Spike Jones; admires Hudson Taylor, Dickens, Salinger, Bill Bailey and Neil Peart; listens from Wagner to Miles with lots of stops in between; dances to motown and aims to achieve balance in all things.
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2 Responses to New Album Release!

  1. Ben Bell says:

    To add to your short list, I think we should also allow you use your own kit next time as a reward for good behaviour this time 🙂


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