Future Fiction – Album tracks released

Future Fiction's potential album cover

Future Fiction’s potential album cover

Here are the final cuts for the Future Fiction album ‘Looking For A Broken Dream.’

Howdy folks! Well, it’s been a bit of a wait but the tracks are beginning to come off the (literal) production line!

And I hope you agree that it’s been worth the wait.

Although I’ve already shared the initial cut of the first track I shall be putting up the album’s final cuts of the first four tracks over the next few days. The tracks are:

A Thousand Faces, A Thousand Smiles,

Between the Lines (Pt. 1 – instrumental)

Between the Lines (Pt. 2)

Blood, Sweat and Tears


The album opener, A Thousand Faces, A Thousand Smiles, has been re-worked to include some atmopheric sound effects (very Prog.) After listening to it over a couple of weeks we all agreed that the guitar sound wasn’t quite ‘edgy’ enough on the initial cut so that has been re-done. Also, on the drummage front I felt that the snare and toms needed a bit more cut so these have been tweaked.

A Thousand Faces, A Thousand Smiles

The band are currently in rehearsal for the last four tracks and we hope to enter the studio in May to cut these. As the album is a semi-concept album, some of the tracks will make more ‘sense’ when taken as a whole rather than seperately.

The challenge for Jim and the engineers will be to try and recreate the feel of the first four tracks on the last four. Although, it might provide a bit of variety if the drum sound is slightly altered. We shall see!

Howdy,‘Til next time,



About Stuart Dyer

Stuart Dyer, Christian Writer and Musician living in West Sussex, England. Works in the hope of producing the worthy novel or solo; giggles at Oliver Hardy, Peter Sellers and Spike Jones; admires Hudson Taylor, Dickens, Salinger, Bill Bailey and Neil Peart; listens from Wagner to Miles with lots of stops in between; dances to motown and aims to achieve balance in all things.
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