The Snow Strikes Back

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Well, as with the snow (see ‘Snow Joke’) no-one else will have seen it coming, apart from you and me. You can pretty much predict the scenes. Most of the actors remain the same and, although the scenery and props might change, the tenor of the action is just the same.

It really is a Primary school question. “And what happens to snow when it becomes warmer?”

That’s right folks, cue the same tired band of urgent reporters, sent out across the country to bring us the latest breaking weather disaster – water.

“That’s right June, I’m stood in the main road at Wiltingshire and as you can see, the water is really rushing along the road and into the drains.”

There will be more quasi scientific questions and answers (but still basically at six year old level ) “Well Terry, what’s happened is that all of the snow, which has been frozen these past weeks, has now melted and, while some of the snow has gone into the ground, much of it has found its way into the rivers and some has even come into our streets.”

Oh yes! Now why hadn’t I noticed that happening before?

Hey, maybe there will be another Amber warning for ‘Some risk of flooding.”

Actually, what that should read is: “Some risk of flooding if you live somewhere where you have been flooded before, and usually are after there has been alot of rain or snow. (As you were last year.)

Oh yes, and look out for those road warnings – “Yes and if you’re driving today (worried yet slightly patronising look at camera) do watch out for that excess water on the road.”

Thank you, I will.

And just remember folks, when you see your first reporter standing up to their wellingtons in water, in a high street somewhere, you read it here first!

(Thinks, maybe I should be working for the Met office?)


About Stuart Dyer

Stuart Dyer, Christian Writer and Musician living in West Sussex, England. Works in the hope of producing the worthy novel or solo; giggles at Oliver Hardy, Peter Sellers and Spike Jones; admires Hudson Taylor, Dickens, Salinger, Bill Bailey and Neil Peart; listens from Wagner to Miles with lots of stops in between; dances to motown and aims to achieve balance in all things.
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