Stick Trick

Warning! This video contains a stick trick. I saw another drummer using it and thought it was pretty cool so had a go at copying it. (It’s about 7 mins in to the solo.) I was also working on keeping my left foot pumping away while I played, so listen out for those Hi-Hats keeping time. (And lastly I was trying out a new camera, which I think is an improvement on the last one!)

The solo had a slightly dodgy start but, comparing it to the others so far, I think I can see some improvements coming through, in technique and outcomes, which is gratifying.

I think with my teacher hat on I need to look at ways of linking the various parts, there are a couple of places where I can almost hear myself getting ready for the next part.

Anyway, enjoy if you can!


About Stuart Dyer

Stuart Dyer, Christian Writer and Musician living in West Sussex, England. Works in the hope of producing the worthy novel or solo; giggles at Oliver Hardy, Peter Sellers and Spike Jones; admires Hudson Taylor, Dickens, Salinger, Bill Bailey and Neil Peart; listens from Wagner to Miles with lots of stops in between; dances to motown and aims to achieve balance in all things.
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